De Novo Technology Partners offers a host of enterprise IT solutions from the datacenter to the desktop, ranging from infrastructure hosting, messaging, systems monitoring/management, and premium end-user support.

Our integrated solutions include:

Virtual CTO Strategic Services

De Novo executes a top-down approach to managing its clients’ IT investment.  Regardless of business size, De Novo assigns every client an Account Manager to act as a strategic advisor, technologist, and subject matter expert.  Each Account Manager provides a single point of contact for all day-to-day and strategic IT issues, acting as a virtual CIO within the business.

De Novo Cloud Services

Allow De Novo to host all your business critical applications in our private, secured cloud and slash your IT budget.

Infrastructure Hosting

By leveraging De Novo-managed Iron Mountain data centers, De Novo offers its clients the option to host their business-critical applications and services with us.  This provides the additional benefits of enterprise-level infrastructure, co-location facilities, and management to small and mid-sized financial services enterprises.  De Novo also provides web and domain hosting to clients as needed.

Collaborative Messaging

De Novo provides hosted email solutions via Microsoft Exchange, including SEC compliant archival services and full mobile device integration.

Data Management

De Novo maintains off-site backup and archival services via De Novo co-location facilities and data management tools.  Clients can select from a variety of data management options, including real-time off-site backups of all client information, business critical databases, and other vital corporate data.

Systems Monitoring and Management

De Novo provides 24-hour, continuous monitoring of all business-critical infrastructures by leveraging enterprise class monitoring tools customized to each client’s need.  De Novo monitors all client network, system, and applications, providing instant response times and proactive resolution to all issues.

Disaster Recovery Services

De Novo provides its clients a true Disaster Recovery solution via our secured data centers.  De Novo can host disaster recovery sites, manage a disaster recovery scenario, and assist its clients in developing a solid disaster recovery plan aligned with business requirements.

Information Security (InfoSec) Management

De Novo recommends, develops and implements a comprehensive program to secure all of its clients’ IT assets.  Services include InfoSec policy/program development, desktop and physical security, systems penetration testing, and secured VPN implementations.  De Novo also provides onsite InfoSec training and continuous communication to both management and staff as part of the overall InfoSec program.

Premium Desktop and User Support

Whether a client is traveling, remotely working from home, or in the office, De Novo’s premium desktop and user support provides timely, professional and individual support when resolving all desktop and end-user issues.

VoIP Solutions

By leveraging relationships with many VoIP solution providers, De Novo can reduce client telecommunication costs while providing a modern, integrated voice solution comprised of the latest features and functionality.  De Novo facilitates installations, upgrades, training and management of all VoIP infrastructures to maximize the client’s telecommunication investment.

Vendor and Compliance Management

All financial services firms deal with multiple IT vendor relationships and ever-changing regulatory compliance and legal requirements.  De Novo manages all existing vendor relationships and compliance/legal concerns to allow clients to focus on revenue-generating and client-facing business.  De Novo utilizes relationships with top legal experts to provide clients the latest information pertaining to their specific requirements.